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Written by: LTJG Galen A. Varon, USCG

Potential STORIS Museum soon???

Upon the decommissioning on the USCGC STORIS in March 2007, a group of ex-STORIS sailors, retired military officers, history enthusiast, private donors and highly-respectable shipmates formed a non-profit group called the STORIS MUSEUM.  Their purpose was to “ secure the former United States Coast Guard Cutter STORIS, W-38, as a museum, a historical display and an education center to be located in Juneau, Alaska.”  Indeed a noble endeavor as this Cutter has proven itself more than eligable to be permanently preserved as a historical centerpiece for Alaska’s rich maritime heritage.

One of the members on the Board of Directors of the STORIS MUSEUM is Mr. Jim Lobak, a retired Chief Warrant and former STORIS sailor.  Yesterday in the STORIS MUSEUM Facebook page, Mr. Lobak posted:
"16 Apr 2012 –We have been in touch with DC and feel we are getting close to seeing the CG Authorization Bill for 2012-2013 passed over the next few weeks. Please contact everyone you know who is interested in our project and have then join our Facebook page keep up with our efforts .”  
The CG Authorization Bill for 2012-2013 that Mr. Lobak refers to are two separate bills in front of Congress (H.R.2838 and S.1665) which both include the a section entitled “CONVEYANCE OF THE DECOMMISSIONED COAST GUARD CUTTER STORIS”.  If these bills passed and are signed into law by the President, the STORIS would effectively become property of the STORIS MUSEUM group and will become Alaska’s first Maritime Museum.
It’s exciting to think that over five years of effort may finally be coming to a head for this group.  The work of my[forthcoming] book, website ( and this blog have only shed light on the many wonderful things that STORIS has achieved in her lifetime such as serving in WWII, becoming the first US flagship to transit the Northwest Passage and providing humanitarian aid to over 100,000 Alaskan located in the most remote corners of the Last Frontier.
While I cannot officially solicit your support of S.1665, I would have you to know that Mr. Lobak and many STORIS enthusiast are anxiously awaiting passage of these bills in order to see the STORIS made into a museum once and for all.
The former United States Coast Guard Cutter STORIS.  Currently, the STORIS  is located in the National Defense Reserve Fleet in Suisun Bay, CA


It should also be known that after her decommissioning, the STORIS was placed in the temporary custody of the Maritime Administration and is currently anchored in the National Defense Reserve Fleet (NDRF) in Suisun Bay, CA.  Commonly known as the “Mothball Fleet”, decommissioned naval ships are stored here until a final disposition can be determined.  Many are used for gunnery exercises, some are sold to foreign Navies and others are made into floating museums.  What better way to join four other members of the Coast Guard’s Royal Court whom are permanent museums (USCGC TANEY – “Queen of the Pacific”, USCGC MACKINAW – “Queen of the Great Lakes”, USCGC INGHAM – “Queen of the Fleet” and USCGC FIR – “Queen of the Fleet”) that the STORIS “Queen of the Fleet” to become a floating museum as well.
Progress of a [potential] STORIS Maritime Museum can be found on any of these pages:
and using and following bills H.R.2838 and S.1665


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